Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meeting of Auxiliary Council a Success!

It was an informative meeting full of promise and hope.  The topics, Employment and Housing, were discussed and parents as well as board members shared their concerns and desires.  We will be working together again shortly as we meet to plan visits to local housing sites in town and outside of  Huntsville.  It is an exciting time and we look forward to the future.

It was mentioned by a parent that we focus on more than menial tasks/jobs for our young people.  At this time, economically, we need to focus on work experience, whether paid or unpaid.  Although each one of our young people have gifts and strengths in certain areas, they may be unable to obtain a job in the area they wish; however, we will look for those opportunities also.  The main difficulty is public awarenes of the strengths, gifts and talents of our young people.  The community needs to be educated regarding the potential and will be our focus in the months to come.

There is some exciting news on the horizon.  At this time, I am unable to share the information; however, it will mean paying jobs for our young people.  Those interested will be trained and hired.  These jobs will be part time seasonal jobs; however, they will offer pay, experience, public awareness and potential for the future.

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